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Restaurant open all evenings and sunday for lunch

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Michel BEJEANNIN - Chef - Owner

Michel Béjeannin
Chef, Owner

Michel Béjeannin’s cooking


The constantly evolving menu is sure to surprise you and stimulate your appetite. Several times a year Michel Béjeannin and his team propose dishes from the Jura and the Mediterranean based on seasonal products. Examples of his dishes:

Bresse and Jura: Poularde de Bresse (fattened chicken from Bresse), filet and thigh stuffed with morel mushrooms, flaky potato dish with Comté cheese, morel sauce and Vin Jaune.

Mediterranean: Assorted fish in a bouillabaisse (seafood stew) like in Marseille, burbot, John Dory and scorpion fish with saffron pistils, potatoes, fennel and sun-dried tomatoes, rouille sauce, and bread chips with olive oil.

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